Scrumptious Sweets

Custom Designed Gourmet Cakes

Flavor list

Key  Lime  cake  with  Key  Lime  custard * Our signature cake!
Almond  cake  with  Amaretto cream  custard
Strawberry  cake  with  White Chocolate  Truffles  &  fresh  strawberries

White Chocolate  cake   with  White Chocolate  Truffles  &  fresh  raspberries
Chocolate Kahlua  cake  with  Chocolate Kahlua  Truffles
Chocolate  cake  with  Raspberry Chambord

Chocolate Almond Marble  cake  wtih  Chocolate Amaretto  Truffles
Linzertorte  cake  with  raspberry  jam
Macadamia nut  cake  with  Dark Chocolate  toasted  Macadamia nut  Truffles

Hazelnut  cake  with  Dark Chocolate  Hazelnut  Truffles
Coconut  cake  with  Coconut  Creamcheese  filling
Carrot  cake  with  Creamcheese  filling

Banana  cake  with  Chocolate  sour cream  Ganache
Grand Marnier  cake  with  Courvoisier  Truffles
Butter Rum  cake  with  Rum custard

Southern  Bourbon Pecan  cake  with  Caramel  Truffles
Red Velvet  cake  with  Pecan  Praline  Mousse

Boston Cream  cake
Vanilla cake with choice of filling
Dulce de Leche Golden Vanilla cake with Three Layer of Caramel

Decadence - White Chocolate cake marbled with Dark Chocolate infused with White Chocolate Godiva Liqueur and three layers of Rich Chocolate Mousse topped with Chocolate ganache topping

Tart Orange cake with three layers of Chocolate Truffles and Orange custard
Southern Bourbonn Pecan cake with Carmel Truffles
Chocolate Chili Mousse cake - Dark Chocolate cake infused with rum and
filled with three layers of Chili Truffles and Mousse.

Assorted items for Viennese tables

  • Petit fours
  • Cookies
  • Canolies
  • Mini tarts
  • Mini Cheesecakes
  • Chocolate covered Strawberries

Complimentary Cake Tasting every Saturdays,11:00-5:00, reservations recommended
Weekdays, by appointment

Susie's Scrumptious Sweets Inc.
5399 Nob Hill Road
Sunrise, FL   33351

Map and directions to Susies Scrumptious Sweets is on our Contact Page