Scrumptious Sweets

Photo Album II of Custom Designed Gourmet Cakes

Mardi gras hat cake
Hand painted cake with marzipan fruit
Geometric Mad Hatter Cake
Hand painted  on a "canvas" of fondant icing  and decorated with edible  marzipan fruit
A smaller version of the Mad Hatter
A South Florida Sea Side Wedding Favorite
 Made especially for the Wedding Celebration of Florida State Senator Bob Graham's daughter. 
She chose our signature "key lime" flavor. 
Their 5 foot cake fed 700 people.
The groom is carring the bride up the steps to
a replica of the couples new Nantuckett home recreated in sugar.  The rocking chair moves and even the curtains are edible!

Created  for a recent "Winner" on the Wheel of Fortune.  Yes! The wheel spins!
Who's that Birthday Girl?
A Cake created for a Duchess!
In honor of her Birthday.
  Susie created a copy of the Wedgewood platter designed by Sarah, The Duchess of York 
A Christmas Wedding Cake
Chocolate Bliss - A Valentine's Day Wedding Cake- 

We designed this cake for the 
Grand Opening of Mo's Paintball Shop
Yes!    You recognized him!
Mo is Maurice Gibbs of the famous BeeGees - Brothers Gibb

There's a Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow

Album 3